HEX Dynamic Evacuation
Dynamic evacuation pioneer
DES technology instantly and dynamically replaces escape directions on HEX Dynamic Exit Signs according to the changes in a fire scene detected, leading evacuees towards to the safety egress routes. Conventional exit signs can be replaced by our “HEX Dynamic Exit Signs”, certified fire safety equipment.
Flash guiding
Sound and light, attract attention
By validation on experiments of large areas building, appropriate sounds and flashing lights could make evacuees attract attention on the exit signage. Efficiently shortage the egress time, enhance the safety of building and save people’s life.
Visually promotion
Design your own style
DES have won iF Design Award-winning, include simple design style - luxurious type M1 and delicate appearance and high-class on M2, can bring aesthetic value to buildings. Except that, we also provide considerately customize. Multiple color and texture style are free to match up.
Affirmation by international trend
We are the only company in the world to become the one of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE)’s top 100 contracting firms through DES technology. While we remain on par with major companies around the world, we are also at the forefront of fire safety industry. Our excellence in both product functions and aesthetics have brought us the accolade of the 2016 iF Design Award, the first Taiwanese fire safety product to win the award.
More detail
Wireless and quick deployment
Using the latest technology of low power consuming and interference-resistant LoRa far-distance wireless transmission, drop down the cost of deployment and planning. Make protected building Safety become easier.
The best choice of smart buildings
HEX Safety products are “Intelligent Building Materials Certificated Products”, a rarity in the field of smart fire safety equipment, which integrated application between public safety and smart buildings. However, it is helpful for your application a “Intelligent Building Materials Certification”
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