HEX Dynamic Exit Signs
The Most Advanced in the World
Your Safety and the
Future of Buildings
The product is designed to resolve the existing problems, improve the safety standards of buildings. An excellent signs considers human factors, such as physiological and mental habits and reflex, and also guides people towards a safe exit in case of emergency.
Safer Guidance Signs
for You
It analyzes the field condition and sends the correct route automatically, which can greatly draw the people’s attention by 50%. Experiments verify that the evacuation speed can be increased by 3 times, so it becomes the optimal exit lights in a complicated structure!
Comprehensive Guarding
and Effortless
It adopts the advanced LoRa wireless communication technology, which consumes less power and can realize remote transmission without interference. It just requires a few simple steps to connect all directions in a wireless way, so as to elevate the safety in the field.
Pursuit of Perfection
The high-profile LED light bar applies the concept of smoked tail light. The slight inclination complies with the visual angle of ergonomics, which can be hung straightly or upside down. You can easily see the shining light bar when you look up or down anywhere.
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